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Get the latest in digital marketing techniques and strategies from our blog

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The Hidden Goldmine: Your Current And Past Customers

Date Posted: February 1, 2021

Marketing To Existing And Past Customers

G’day there,

If you’re hooked to the ‘new customer’ drug you may want to read this.

New customers are great and everything, but it’s hard work.

Usually higher cost, higher amount of time spent, higher amounts of trust to build.

It can be exhausting.

And while it IS necessary, it should only be done IN TANDEM with marketing to past customers and enquiries.

Most people spend 90% or even 100% trying to find new customers.

That ratio is out of whack.

It’s making you work way harder for the same equivalent revenue growth, compared to doing equal amounts of both.

You’ve spent all this time building trust with existing and past clients, but then you suddenly want to go start this process all over again winning over new people from zero?

Seems a bit silly, doesn’t it?

If you’re trying to grow revenue this quarter, look at who’s spent money with you in the past.

Ask these questions:

Do they need more of the original thing you sold them? Remind them.

Do they have a different problem you are capable of solving? Offer help.

Do you need to create a new service or product to fix different problems for them? Create it.

Can they introduce you to new customers in their network? Ask them.
As always, if you’re unsure – just ask them. Simply email or SMS them to ask, don’t overcomplicate it.

And even if they don’t have any urgent current need for your services, stay in touch and continue to add value for them.

Because when the time comes to use your service again, you’re going to be at the top of their consideration set.

Your future cashflow will thank you for it.

Your action for the month:

Reach out to your current client base and offer them either the same thing again or offer them something complimentary that goes well with what they’ve bought prior.

Final bit of advice – Don’t get caught up in the details of the email scripts, the time of the email, whether a phone call is best etc. Everyone spends too much time on minor things. Try call them if you’re on great terms, email/SMS otherwise.

Most people never ‘shake the tree’ enough, you’ll be surprised with what you find if you really check.


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