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Local SEO Management

Make your website unmissable in the Google search results and drive more traffic and sales

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Local SEO Management

Make your website unmissable in the Google search results and drive more traffic and sales

Book A Consultation See Success Stories

The first place most people turn to when looking to buy a product or service is Google.

82% of all product/service purchases begin online.

The question is.. When they search for services like yours – will you be there? Or are you stuck in the backwoods of the internet, the best kept secret no ones ever heard of. We’ve seen so many great offline businesses over the years be completely invisible online. Even in spite of the fact they’re actually very well respected in their industry and their clients love them. Problem is, being at the top of the rankings doesn’t happen by accident.

Sure you might get lucky and rank in some cases, but that will not last.

Sooner or later, the competitor who decides to go hard at SEO will come and take your lunch – because they’re deliberately trying to get to the top of search results and you’re just there because you may have built your site many years before them etc. The first part is trying to rank highly, the second part (and the harder part) is staying there.

Do you think if you knock your competitor off the top of the search results, they’ll take that lying down?

Of course not.

They’ll notice the drop in phone calls and website visits.

Then they’ll start the search to hire someone to get back what they once had. They may even end on a site just like this one!

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and especially Local SEO, is crucial for any business who wants to be visible to people searching for their product or service.

What makes Local SEO special is that these people are already much further down the sales funnel, they’re practically in buy mode and now selecting who they’ll go with.

How do we get your site ranking at the top of the search results?

1. Long form content
2. Tailored pages for your biggest keywords
3. Website speed improvements
4. On-site clean up to ensure it’s structured for best results
5. Building high quality links regularly
6. Avoiding any dodgy or ‘black-hat’ strategies that cause more harm than good
7. Creating regular content for your site
8. Creating quality guest blog posts
9. Leveraging social sharing
10. Google My Business optimisation

And much more!

When you consistently apply pressure to these things, your site will go up the rankings. With every improvement in ranking leading to more traffic and more enquiries and sales.

It takes time but it is a wise investment for those looking to build another strong, long-term marketing channel in their business.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’ve been mentored by Ray for approximately 12 months now. I cannot recommend this guy enough. Coming from a trade background I needed guidance in setting targets and underpinning them with clear strategies. The digital strategies Ray has helped me to implement into my business have resulted in significant increases in revenue. Top guy with an abundance of knowledge.”

Ciaran Brennan • Pyro Designs Kitchens

“Ray is a machine when it comes to B2B lead generation. highly recommended.”

Russell Wells • Premium Plant Hire

“I highly recommend Ray to anyone looking to grow their business. I utilised Ray’s services for my business from concept to launch/implementation. My database grew from 1800 to 7000 emails, Facebook likes from 4,300 to 10,500 and I oversubscribed my events with 2-3 times more demand than spots.”

Kyle Austin • Aussie Driver Search

“Ray! Thank you for all your help over the last couple of months. It has been great working with you to get clarity around our marketing strategy and set up the foundation for our marketing rhythm going forward. We have seen a significant increase in our patient numbers already and we still have much more to do. The simplicity of your message is refreshing and this enables execution, which is the key.”

Troy Parsons • The Podiatrist

“Working with Ray has been so helpful to the business. The accountability, someone to guide you, push you and get the best out of your business. Being able to spend less time working in the business by implementing his strategies. We also doubled our up sell items at point of sale. Thanks Ray.”

Cameron Russell • Snap Fitness

“The real deal when it comes to practical strategies that convert, generate leads and ROI, no fluff straight up strategy expert. Highly recommend.”

Luke Hawson • Fly By Fun

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