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How We Generated $6M+ In Art Auction Sales From Facebook Ads In 12 Months


This art auction house came to us for new ideas about how to get people to their art auctions. They had been successful with word of mouth, but the strategies that used to work (like print ads) were not working anymore.

They knew they needed to do more digital marketing but didn’t know where to start and had tried other agencies without much luck.


  • Did over $6M+ sales from Facebook Ads alone in 12 months (15x ROAS) March 2020 to Feb 2021
  • Did $1.1M in sales in 71 days, a 25x Return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Database increased by 32,000 emails


  • Facebook Ads – Developed a full Facebook ads campaign from start to finish
  • Email Marketing – Wrote all the direct-response copy for an email sequence to increase the auction show up rates. This was crucial to maximise the return on our advertising spend. It took the campaign from good profit to great profit.
  • Landing Page Design & Development – We fully designed and developed the landing pages for the campaigns and provided guidance on how to best structure the pages and the sales flow to ensure the best results possible.

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