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Facebook Ads Management

Attract new enquiries and customers every single month with predictability by using the biggest social media platform on earth

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Facebook Ads Management

Attract new enquiries and customers every single month with predictability by using the biggest social media platform on earth

Book A Consultation See Success Stories

Attract new enquiries and customers every single month with predictability by using the biggest social media platform on earth.

Facebook has over 2.74 billion monthly active users worldwide, with 11.56 million monthly active users in Australia alone (ie. half the population uses it regularly). Source: Statista

The average user spends 2 hours and 24 mins on social media per day – insane, but true.

Facebook advertising is extremely powerful for a few reasons:

1. The ads manager is sophisticated – You can really dial your campaigns in to squeeze a solid ROI (compared to say LinkedIn ads which is very limited)

2. It allows for scale – Because they have so many users, you have the opportunity to ramp up your profitable campaigns to a huge scale.

3. High usage and big user base – Not only do they have lots of users but they have lots of active users

We’ve spent millions of dollars on Facebook ads profitably, taking brands from doing okay to doing millions of dollars in revenue annually directly from our campaigns.

Here’s what you can expect when we manage your Facebook Ads for you:

  • ‘Active’ management – We don’t do set and forget campaigns. Our team is checking your account every single week, even if everything is sailing smoothly, we keep looking for ways to get an edge on your competitors.
  • Customer deep-dive – We are genuinely interested in learning who your customer is, what they want and what are their hot buttons. This is crucial to success with your campaigns and it’s something we love uncovering.
  • Simple monthly reporting – Get the key information you need with straight-to-the-point reports which tell you all the important numbers, and no fluff.
  • Well-written, compelling copy – Most agencies write crap ads. It doesn’t sound appealing and it lacks creativity. That kinda thing doesn’t get the click (or the conversion for that matter). We write benefit-loaded copy that will attract the attention you need on Facebook.
  • Policy compliant advertising – Facebook is a minefield when it comes to getting accounts banned. Even legitimate, innocent and compliant accounts are getting incorrectly banned. That said, some agencies have no idea about the rules of Facebook and have a much higher risk than others of getting banned. We focus on following all the rules so you have peace of mind that your risk is greatly reduced compared to most agencies. Especially in a post iOS 14 world.
  • Expertise in a range of industries – We’ve worked with clients across 100+ industries and we apply all the learnings from them to your campaigns
  • Our team have a limit on the number of accounts they can manage per person – So they aren’t spread too thin like most agencies are.

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How We Generated $6M+ In Art Auction Sales From Facebook Ads In 12 Months

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How We Helped A Construction Product Go From 28 To 316 Leads Per Month

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“I’ve been mentored by Ray for approximately 12 months now. I cannot recommend this guy enough. Coming from a trade background I needed guidance in setting targets and underpinning them with clear strategies. The digital strategies Ray has helped me to implement into my business have resulted in significant increases in revenue. Top guy with an abundance of knowledge.”

Ciaran Brennan • Pyro Designs Kitchens

“Ray is a machine when it comes to B2B lead generation. highly recommended.”

Russell Wells • Premium Plant Hire

“I highly recommend Ray to anyone looking to grow their business. I utilised Ray’s services for my business from concept to launch/implementation. My database grew from 1800 to 7000 emails, Facebook likes from 4,300 to 10,500 and I oversubscribed my events with 2-3 times more demand than spots.”

Kyle Austin • Aussie Driver Search

“Ray! Thank you for all your help over the last couple of months. It has been great working with you to get clarity around our marketing strategy and set up the foundation for our marketing rhythm going forward. We have seen a significant increase in our patient numbers already and we still have much more to do. The simplicity of your message is refreshing and this enables execution, which is the key.”

Troy Parsons • The Podiatrist

“Working with Ray has been so helpful to the business. The accountability, someone to guide you, push you and get the best out of your business. Being able to spend less time working in the business by implementing his strategies. We also doubled our up sell items at point of sale. Thanks Ray.”

Cameron Russell • Snap Fitness

“The real deal when it comes to practical strategies that convert, generate leads and ROI, no fluff straight up strategy expert. Highly recommend.”

Luke Hawson • Fly By Fun

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