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Construction Product Business

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Construction Product Business

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How We Helped A Construction Product Business Go From 28 To 316 Leads Per Month


This business had been around for several years, providing concrete waterproofing products to the construction industry. They had a good reputation offline, but – like many businesses – not doing much online in terms of proactive marketing.

As a result, while they had a great business – they were missing out on potential growth.

Our team was originally brought in on a consulting basis to run training workshops for their marketing team, then later we were tasked with designing and implementing the marketing strategy for the company.

(Note: We kept business name confidential for this case study)


  • Over 18 months we took their inbound enquiries from 28 to 316 per month, an 11.2x increase
  • We also grew their email database from 6,919 to 12,164 (Increase of 43%)


  • Email Marketing – Emails were happening infrequently and they were very focussed on the business. We changed the frequency and content of the emails, with a big focus on subject lines and this allowed us to drive much bigger results from the same amount of effort.
  • LinkedIn Content – We designed and implemented a LinkedIn marketing plan which involved consistent, high quality content posting, connecting and outreach that grew their company’s network every single week.
  • Video Marketing – Most businesses in the construction industry don’t use video at all, so this presented us with an opportunity to really stand out and get noticed in the industry. We mapped out and executed a video content plan which allowed us to build trust and goodwill in the market faster than their competitors
  • Facebook Ads – We leveraged Facebook ads to get in front of our fast growing email database and website visitors, driving them back to the website to continue down the sales funnel
  • Live Chat – Their website was getting traffic and enquiries but we felt they could capture more leads by adding in live chat on their site. This proved effective and boosted the number of overall leads every single month. We researched the best tech solution, implemented it and rolled out training to the sales team on how to manage leads from this channel. It meant that we could capture sales from people who wouldn’t have ordinarily enquired because they had a couple of questions first.

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