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Get the latest in digital marketing techniques and strategies from our blog

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One Month In: Client Wins + Learnings

Date Posted: February 1, 2021

Marketing During Coronavirus: Client Wins + Learnings One Month In

Been a crazy few weeks. Here’s my learnings and wins my clients have had during this time.

Conference Business

Had to rapidly switch from live conferences to virtual conferences.

Campaign from concept to approved ads going live was in less than 18 hours.

$2,948 spend > $45,000 sales (with multiple proposals out right now)

Online Auction Business

Had to switch from live in person auctions around Australia to online only auctions in a few days. Got 475 registrations for the event in 6 days for $7.60 each.

$3,608 spend > $120,000 revenue generated with high profit

Now running these every 2 weeks.

Travel Tour Company (Seriously)

Travel is obviously one of the hardest hit markets. Crafted a strong new offer, addressed peoples concerns about flexible date changes and long expiry dates to give peace of mind.

Created and launched the campaign within a few days, the first email generated $34,292 in sales with many more emails to come + Facebook campaign about to go live to support it.

My takeaways:

  1. Not everyone is broke right now – Some of your market is not looking for sure. But there’s very likely another equally big chunk of people who are not as impacted who still have money, still want to get stuff done during this time, sort out things they’ve been meaning to buy/fix etc. Others are also keen for deals and value.
  2. Ad costs are down – I’m seeing costs are down between 30-60% depending on who you’re targeting. Not all markets should be advertising but if your offering makes sense and you can afford it, it’s a very good time to advertise.
  3. Mobile phone usage is up – Everyone is at home and on social media more. FB Messenger & Whatsapp have recorded 50% increase in usage according to a March 24 press release by FB.
  4. Treat everything on a case by case basis – Just because one industry, business, market, suburb, offer etc is not working doesn’t mean another isn’t. There’s too many variables to assume things, test things for yourself!
  5. If you can’t convert sales, set up sales for later – Build goodwill, add value, connect with key people in LinkedIn for example, bulk create valuable content, make a hit-list of potential partners for collaborations.
  6. “Slow down to speed up” – This forced pause is a great opportunity to re-evaluate how you do things in your business. Use a crap situation to your advantage and make it work for you.

While there’s no sugarcoating that this situation sucks, it’s definitely not all bad news.

Also credit to our clients who in spite of all the bad news – they adjust their approach, are proactive about their future and mitigate any downside as best they can.


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