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How We Took A Law Firm From 5 To 100 Website Leads Per Month


Progressive Legal had previously only attracted clients through referral and word of mouth.

They had tried other digital marketing agencies but weren’t not seeing any results – leaving them unsure about how to drive more proactive enquiries.

Their customers were clearly happy and referring them new work – but they were looking to diversify their lead sources, get more focussed and take advantage of the huge opportunity in their industry to reach new clients through digital marketing.


  • Website enquiries have gone from 5 per month to 100 per month and climbing
  • Leads now come from several different sources instead of just word of mouth, less dependent on them (although they still come through)
  • Now one of the highest rated law firms in Sydney and Australia (ie. their online appearance now matches the great work they were doing offline)
  • Business owner now has more time to manage the business rather than being ‘in’ the business 24/7
  • More lawyers have been hired to manage the new work
  • People are finding out their business that would have never heard of them otherwise


  • Google My Business Optimisation – We overhauled the whole listing from top to bottom, this dramatically lifted the visibility they had in the local community.
  • Facebook Ads – Developed a full Facebook ads campaign from start to finish, driving more trade mark enquiries on a regular basis
  • Google Ads – Drive enquiries every single week through our Search campaigns
  • Consulting – Mapped out the game plan to grow the business then had monthly advisory calls to ensure it was executed correctly

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