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Get the latest in digital marketing techniques and strategies from our blog

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Is it worth it to hire a marketing agency?

Date Posted: February 19, 2024
marketing agency

Businesses of all sizes grapple with the decision of whether to manage marketing efforts internally or to invest in outsourced support from a marketing agency. Weighing the costs against the potential returns in an ever-evolving digital landscape can be complex. This article examines the potential benefits, considerations, and factors to assess when deciding if partnering with a marketing agency is the right path for your business growth.

marketing agency

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies provide businesses with a host of advantages that may not be easily attainable with an in-house team:

  • Specialised Expertise: Marketing agencies house diverse talent ranging from SEO specialists, content creators, social media strategists, and PPC experts. They bring valuable experience and skills difficult to match in a single hire (or a small in-house team).
  • Access to Technology and Tools: Marketing agencies invest in a broad suite of software and analytics platforms. These tools offer insights into campaign performance, competitor analysis, and consumer trends, aiding data-driven decisions.
  • Focus and Fresh Perspective: Agencies take a strategic, “big picture” view while maintaining focus on campaign execution. In contrast, in-house teams may be bogged down with daily tasks or lack an objective outside perspective.
  • Cost-Efficiency: While there’s a fee for outside services, a qualified agency may ultimately represent cost savings. Consider reduced costs in recruiting, onboarding, training employees, and potential turnover. Agencies provide an “on-demand” workforce.
  • Scalability: Agencies excel at handling surges in project demand. Your dedicated team can ramp up efforts quickly depending on a new promotion or marketing initiative, avoiding bottlenecks experienced with an in-house team.

When Does Hiring a Marketing Agency Make Sense?

Certain scenarios lend themselves more readily to reaping the rewards of hiring a marketing agency:

  • Limited In-House Expertise: If your current team lacks experience in digital marketing, social media, content creation, etc., seeking an agency could yield superior results.
  • Need for Accelerated Results: Businesses seeking rapid audience growth or immediate lead generation would benefit from experienced agency support vs. training staff internally – with time not always a luxury.
  • Launching a New Product or Service: Employing marketing experts ensures product visibility, messaging targeted specifically to relevant buyer segments.
  • Accessing Emerging Technologies: Agencies specialising in trends like VR/AR or voice search optimization help establish a cutting-edge marketing presence.
  • Overburdened Staff and Need for Support: Agencies assist if the current workload eclipses your team’s capacity, preventing strategic initiatives or affecting morale.

Considerations Before Engaging an Agency

Hiring a marketing agency is a serious investment. Assess these factors before proceeding:

  • Goals and Expectations: Ensure your vision and priorities for marketing growth align with a candidate agency’s philosophy and offerings. Clearly defined goals guide metrics for success.
  • Budget: Discuss agency pricing models (hourly, retainer, project-based). Ensure you understand fees for any “extra” services falling outside of an initial contract.
  • The Agency’s Reputation: Scrutinise their clientele, testimonials, industry recognition, and most importantly, tangible, quantifiable results showcased in case studies. These reveal effectiveness.


Additionally, evaluate your in-house capabilities before consulting agencies:

  • Does your existing team possess bandwidth for new or enhanced marketing projects?
  • Are there critical digital marketing areas (SEO, PPC, social media) lacking sufficient in-house knowledge?
  • Is marketing personnel turnover a risk (due to market demand for these specialisations), which would jeopardise strategic efforts?

If the answer to one or more of these is “yes,” it may indicate outsourcing would be advantageous.

Choosing the Right Marketing Agency

Not all agencies are the same. Take heed of the following when comparing potential partners:

  • Experience and Industry Knowledge: Opt for agencies with successful campaigns for businesses similar to yours. Experience brings nuanced insights about buyer personas and proven best practices.
  • Communication and Collaboration Style: An open, transparent agency eager to involve your team creates positive synergy. Are they clear and timely with communication?
  • Reporting and Performance Metrics: Establish specific key performance indicators (KPIs) and ensure the agency uses tools for trackable, data-backed reporting. This ensures the value of agency-led efforts are clear.

Potential Drawbacks of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Naturally, collaborating with an outside agency holds some potential challenges:

  • Cost: Agencies incur ongoing fees for their services, impacting your bottom line. It’s essential to weigh potential revenue growth against these added expenses.
  • Lack of Intimate Company Knowledge: While agencies research your company, an external team might miss subtle nuances compared to dedicated, in-house staff. Transparent communication mitigates this issue.
  • Potential Agency Overload: Popular agencies manage multiple clients. Careful selection is paramount to ensure you receive proper attention, especially during critical junctures.


Maximising Value and Success

The true return on investment (ROI) in working with a marketing agency depends on proactive efforts on your end:

  • Internal Alignment: Ensure sales, product development, and your operations teams clearly understand agency-proposed initiatives. Alignment prevents a disjointed execution or a lack of customer experience consistency.
  • Provide Timely Feedback: Offer detailed feedback on agency work, be it campaign suggestions or strategy adjustments. Openness cultivates an iterative approach.
  • Realistic Expectations: Marketing requires strategic commitment. While agencies drive execution, avoid expecting explosive, overnight results.

Deciding whether to hire a marketing agency depends on your business’s unique needs, goals, and available resources. When properly selected and managed, a marketing agency can catalyse growth, expand reach, and deliver compelling results.

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