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Get the latest in digital marketing techniques and strategies from our blog

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Is it worth using a marketing agency?

Date Posted: February 19, 2024
marketing agency

Choosing between managing marketing internally versus partnering with an external agency presents a key strategic decision for businesses. This article offers an in-depth look at the benefits, potential drawbacks, and determining factors to guide you towards the approach best suited to your business needs and goals.

marketing agency

Advantages of Working with a Marketing Agency

Marketing agencies provide companies with diverse advantages, often producing superior results:

  • Specialised Expertise: Agencies employ a diverse team of specialists, from SEO experts and PPC strategists to social media gurus and content marketing professionals. Accessing this range of in-depth skills within an in-house team often would prove exceptionally cost-prohibitive.
  • Proven Experience: Experienced agencies bring a track record of successfully managed campaigns with quantifiable results across various industries and initiatives. They’ve likely navigated challenges similar to yours, offering a clear edge when designing your strategies.
  • Objectivity and Fresh Perspective: An external agency offers a valuable unbiased perspective. Internal teams sometimes harbour ingrained viewpoints that hinder identifying new channels or potential areas for optimization. Agencies introduce fresh viewpoints that can ignite unexpected successes.
  • Tools & Technology: Many agencies invest in leading-edge marketing analytics tools, AI-powered platforms, and software subscriptions that provide superior campaign insights. Businesses may find purchasing individual licenses for such tools financially prohibitive, restricting their analytical capabilities.
  • Scalability & Agility: Need to launch a rapid campaign? Agencies scale efficiently to address time-sensitive initiatives. Conversely, they offer flexibility to ramp services down swiftly, should campaigns necessitate adjustment or when budgetary constraints require reduced spending.


Potential Drawbacks of Using a Marketing Agency

Collaborating with an external agency, like all decisions, involves careful consideration of potential challenges:

  • Costs: Marketing agencies represent an ongoing business expense. It’s essential to thoroughly comprehend fee structures (retainers, hourly, project-based) and weigh them against anticipated revenue increases to evaluate investment return.
  • Understanding Your Business: Even with diligent research, an external team can find it challenging to grasp every specific nuance of your company compared to fully dedicated in-house employees. Establishing open communication and transparency fosters mutual understanding.
  • Client Management: Agencies generally work with multiple clients simultaneously. Choose an agency with proven client management processes, ensuring timely, regular communication, and dedicated attention to your business’s critical moments.


Situations Best Suited for Agency Collaboration

Under specific circumstances, working with a marketing agency is especially advantageous:

  • Limited Internal Marketing Team: If in-house marketing consists of one generalist or team size limits available talent pool, hiring an agency grants you immediate access to specialists capable of addressing complex needs across various disciplines.
  • Needing Rapid Results: Aiming for quick brand visibility gains or aggressive lead generation? In these situations, agency expertise is often unmatched by the gradual efforts of a smaller, less experienced team.
  • Launching New Initiatives: Whether debuting a product or penetrating a new market niche, partnering with seasoned marketing professionals allows you to confidently position yourself, optimizing for greater launch success probabilities.
  • Adopting Emerging Technologies: Agencies focused on AI-powered marketing automation, AR/VR experiences, or emerging platforms allow you to gain prominence without navigating the learning curve associated with integrating such technologies in-house.
  • Overburdened or Understaffed Team: A stretched team can hinder focus, lower morale, and delay important strategic work. Agencies allow your existing team to breathe, revitalising your in-house talent rather than risking burnout.


Assessing Your Internal Readiness for an Agency

Evaluate your organisation’s needs and resources before engaging an agency:

  • Does your existing team have the capacity to fully collaborate with an outside team? For agency partnerships to flourish, communication channels and efficient handover of assets are imperative.
  • Does a comprehensive marketing strategy already exist or does it need creation? Agencies generally execute pre-determined strategies, not establish them; have some overarching ideas in place for optimal project launch.
  • Have you determined clear metrics for success? Establish what quantifies a “successful” outcome for agency support so both parties agree on expectations from the outset.


Choosing the Right Marketing Partner

Not all marketing agencies are created equal. Here’s how to find the ideal match:

  • Evaluate Specialisation and Focus: Look for an agency with experience and demonstrated success in marketing for your industry or reaching your target market.
  • Review Past Projects: Evaluate portfolios and case studies to gauge the agency’s prior work and results achieved for similar businesses.
  • Communication and Relationship Building: A smooth client-agency interaction matters. Seek a partner with an approachable, service-oriented communication style.

The decision to work with a marketing agency is highly individual to each business and its goals. Analyzing potential benefits, costs, and internal capabilities guides informed decision-making. In some cases, an agency could elevate marketing significantly, ultimately proving a wise investment towards long-term growth.

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